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Instagram no longer warns if you take a screenshot of a Story

27 mayo, 2021

Although it is relatively easy to download them, a few months ago Instagram announced that it would begin to notify its users every time they took a screenshot of their Stories.

The truth is it was a closed test, and it seems that the company has not obtained the expected results, since it has decided to terminate it. That means you can take screenshots of the Stories without fear of the other person being notified.


The same does not happen in direct messages

Of course, nothing changes in terms of direct messages: Instagram will continue to notify you if someone takes a screenshot of the photos you have sent via direct message. If that happens, you will receive a notification as it appears in the image below:

Image 15 6 18 9 09 Pasted

The company is likely to tell us something about this test on June 20, when an event will be held where full-length videos are expected to be presented.

In addition, in this event they may offer us new usage data. The latest official figures boasted 800 million active users, and it is speculated that they could announce the arrival of 1,000 million.

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