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Instagram on Android lets you archive posts to hide them from the public

23 mayo, 2021

Until now, if one of your old Instagram posts didn’t convince you, your only option was to delete it entirely. Now Instagram is testing a feature halfway between delete and keep: file.

An archived photo or video is no longer visible to other people, but they are still visible to you. They keep your likes, comments and descriptions. If you change your mind later, you can restore and it will be as before.

How to archive photos on Instagram for Android

Do you regret a photo that you uploaded to Instagram years ago but don’t want to delete it forever? Now you can, if you have already activated the function of archive posts On Instagram.

You will recognize if you have the publication activated when you see a new button in the interface in your user profile. The first time, in addition, the application shows you a message introducing you to this new function.

To hide a photo or video from your Instagram profile, tap on the options button and then choose file. The post disappears from your profile immediately, without any notice or confirmation.


Luckily, the difference between archiving and deleting a photo from Instagram is that archived photos can come back to life. To do this, go to your profile and tap on the new button at the top that will take you to your archived photos.

To recover an archived photo, open it and use the same options menu to choose Show in profile. The photo will be shown again keeping your comments, description and original date. It’s like it’s never been archived.

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