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Install the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 and improve the performance of your File Explorer

23 mayo, 2021

Unlike the usual mandatory security patches that Windows 10 receives constantly, cumulative updates, which tend to be larger and fix more bugs, usually they must be downloaded and installed by the user from Windows Update.

The most recent of these is KB5000842, one that was until recently in preview as an optional download, to avoid dramas like those caused by the disastrous patch thread for the printer issue. But now KB5000842 patch is available to all Windows 10 users who have version 2004 or 21H1, and we highly recommend that you install it.

Goodbye Windows Explorer problems, and goodbye classic Edge

Cumulative Update Windows 10

The patch will be offered to you as an optional quality update, or the cumulative update for Windows 10 March. One of the most relevant problems that this patch solves were the problems that the November 2019 update caused to Windows Explorer, yes, it has had to wait all this time.

The problem was causing File Explorer to stop responding when doing a local file search. If you tried to filter the results using date, size, or last modified, it would just hang.

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In addition to this, Microsoft has also fixed Explorer.exe performance issues caused by a memory leak bug that could cause the Explorer window to stop responding and consume more system resources.

This update also ends up burying the old classic Microsoft Edge, which although it was long ago replaced by the new version based on Chromium, still remained hidden in the system. With this patch it is permanently eliminated.

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