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InstaMon allows you to monitor any account without having a profile

27 mayo, 2021

For many people and businesses, Instagram is a very important part of their activity. For this reason, there are many tools that allow you to monitor how your own content is working or what other accounts are doing.

InstaMon is a tool created by Tonixx, in which we can anonymously monitor any Instagram account. In this way, you will be among the first to know when they have published something and you will not lose sight of the content they share.

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They will notify you via email

This tool advertises itself stating that with it you can keep an eye on your “favorite competitors, brands, singers or actors and actresses”.

The operation is very simple: you will simply have to enter the username you want to monitor and indicate the email where you want to receive notifications.

“You will receive an email every time the account you monitor publishes new stories, photos or videos.”

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As we see, InstaMon will notify us whether they have posted to the main feed or uploaded a story. An important point is that it will allow us to directly download the content:

Window Y Instamon Track And Monitor Any Instagram Account For Free Product Hunt

“Promote your account by commenting first on other posts”

The creator of this platform ensures that with it you can “be the first to comment on a competitor’s Instagram account, thus getting to promote your own account “.

Another of the most striking points of this service is that you will not need to have an Instagram account to use it, so it can be ideal to keep up to date with what certain accounts publish without having to create a profile on the platform.