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instant translations with your Android camera

25 mayo, 2021

There are many translators for Android and the truth is that most comply very well its mission. However, all of them have a similar operation, and no less effective, we enter the word, select the language and click on translate.

Today we are going to talk about CamTranslator a translator that is, on the one hand, as useful as the rest of the Android Market applications and that also allows us to do the translations with our camera. A different, effective way that on certain occasions can be very useful.

CamTranslator invites us to try a new way of carrying out translations with a system of text recognition Throught the camera. At the moment the application recognizes up to fourteen languages and for text translations it uses Google Translate.


In the tests we have carried out, the recognition of texts has worked No problem in texts printed on paper, on screens and monitors. With handwritten texts it costs a little more and depends on the calligraphy. In the screenshots that accompany this post, you can see its effectiveness.

A very useful option is to be able to perform translations both live without taking a photo or taking a snapshot. In this way we can save it and translate it later word by word.

At the moment the application just translate single words and it is not capable of translating complete sentences so its use is mainly limited to quick consultations and vocabulary questions.


The translations, as we have already mentioned, are made from Google Translate so it is necessary to have an Internet connection. Those words that we use regularly can be cached in an option that has CamTranslator to add vocabulary.

Although a priori CamTranslator It may be the typical application that is only worth showing off in front of friends. The truth is that, from my point of view, it is a very useful solution for those looking for a different translator that also translates words from languages ​​that our keyboard does not recognize: Chinese, Japanese …

You can find the application in the Android Market so free. If you want to remove the advertising, which is not much, and add more capacity to the vocabulary, you have a paid license for 3.22 euros.

Download | CamTranslator (free), License (3.22 euros)