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Invisible friend online, raffle the invisible friend by email

27 mayo, 2021

Christmas is here, and that means one thing, meetings with friends, meals with co-workers, etc. On many occasions, this opportunity is taken to celebrate the invisible friend, the popular game in which participants give each other gifts without knowing who will give to whom until the gifts are given.

But in our busy daily lives, sometimes it is difficult to do the previous draw, because to prepare it, it is necessary that the participants meet some time before the date indicated for the delivery of the gifts.

But that ended thanks to the internet and services like invisible friend online.

In Genbeta we have already talked to you on occasion or other about a similar service, such as elfsters, but the one that we bring you today I liked more. First because no registration is required, then because it is a very simple online service to use and third because it is a Spanish project, by Bosco Curtu.

To start using it, it is enough to have some information:


    <li>La lista de emails de los que van a participar</li>
    <li>Los nombres de los que van a participar</li>
    <li>Las posibles incompatibilidades entre los participantes </li>

The issue of incompatibilities is fine, if you don’t want couples to give each other gifts, or if there are two people in the group who can’t even see each other, for example. To prevent them from touching each other in the draw, simply enter the identity number in the box exclude from “incompatible”.

And a little more. You just have to enter the data in the box and that’s it. When you finish the list, just hit next to see the text that will be generated.


In the emails that will be received, where it says $NAME and $FRIEND It will put the names of the people who participate and the name of the one who has touched you, that easy.

The message can also be personalized, in case we want to set a maximum price, or remember the day of the meal, for example.

Finally, another interesting option is the option of being able to recover the raffle, thanks to a code that the service gives us at the end, in case we have had a problem with an email that does not arrive or that has remained in the Spam tray.


A good service, fast and simple, ideal for the parties that we organize. It just saved me considerable time.

Official website | Invisible friend online