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iPadOS, Apple’s operating system to take your iPad further

27 mayo, 2021

Years ago, Apple raised a differentiated future for the iPad. Away from the iPhone, with which it shared a system, and closer to the Mac, which it aspired to replace in tasks that do not absolutely need a desktop computer with macOS. And now a definitive step has been taken on that path that began two years ago: iPadOS has arrived. The future of the iPad is another.

After filtering a few hours before the start of the keynote The inaugural WWDC19, iPadOS has come as the realization that Apple tablets needed more. IOS wasn’t enough. Why? Because, it is obvious, the iPad go beyond the iPhone. Both in functionality and potential.

iPadOS means a new home screen, “powerful” multitasking “and new ways to use the Apple pencil, among other novelties

That is why this specific operating system for devices that were a before and after in the tablet market. A system to add to macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, following the denominator logic started a few years ago.

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Finally, a specific system for a specific device

Apple Ipados Quickpath Typing 060319

“The time has come to recognize the platform in a special way”, has ensured Craig Federighi when introducing iPadOS. And reason is not lacking. IPad users, especially in recent years, demanded to be able to exploit even more the possibilities of this device. iOS, despite its versatility, fell short. macOS, despite its power, was obviously not designed for a device like the iPad.

New ways of working with applications in multiple windows, more information on screen and at a glance …

The best solution? Offer a system designed especially for him. iPadOS, therefore, comes to recognize the distinctive experience of the iPad based on iOS, but adding specific capabilities and functions for the big screen and the possibilities of the Apple tablet.

These beautiful words are translated into facts, or so they assure us from Cupertino. We talk about new ways of working with applications in multiple windows, more information on the screen and at a glance taking advantage of the device’s diagonal and, in addition, the promise of “more natural” shapes when using Apple Pencil, inseparable friend of many creatives.

New Home Screen, Split View and Slide Over

Apple Ipados Today View Dark Mode 060319

With the irruption of iPadOS the home screen of this device is redesigned to show more applications on each page. Now, this screen allows integrating Today View, offers quick and practical access to the widgets, while presenting a greater amount of information at a glance – calendar, news, tips, weather … – making the most of the different diagonals.

The split view is going to play a fundamental role in the future of the iPad and thanks to the updates received, the tablet users can now work with multiple files and documents from the same application simultaneously. A milestone that many people will appreciate.

IPad users will now be able to work with multiple files and documents from the same application simultaneously

To this significant and more than necessary advance, Slide Over capabilities are added allowing rapid switching between applications. Apple exemplifies its capabilities by explaining that consumers “can compose an email while viewing another email in parallel or access multiple applications such as Messages or Calendar with the swipe of a finger.”

Improved text editing, enhanced Safari and better Files app

Apple Ipados Slide Over 060319

The improvements that iPadOS brings include improved text editing. This refinement promises to make it easier and faster, say those from Cupertino, to aim with greater precision and speed, select text with just a swipe, and use new gestures to cut, copy, paste and undo. Those who write a lot on the iPad will appreciate it.

The news continues with a boosted Safari. The browser is, according to Apple, “more powerful than ever on iPad”. Among the changes, Safari will now show by default and automatically the desktop version of the websites correctly scaled for the specific diagonal of the screen, it will optimize the portals for touch use and will include a download manager, new keyboard shortcuts and an improvement in the administration of the tabs.

iPadOS will allow through Files to access the files contained in USB drives or SD cards

Archives, a fundamental piece of the new future of the iPad, is also empowered becoming the base through which to access and manage documents including support for iCloud Dirve. In addition, by supporting external drives, iPadOS will allow through Files to access files contained in USB drives or SD cards, for example. The application will also offer a new column view with price views, support for quick actions and will allow unzipping of zip files.

iPadOS is available starting today; the final version will arrive in autumn, spring south of the equator

Other iPadOS features include dark mode, the ability to install custom fonts, a new floating keyboard, a selection of the best snapshots from Photos, an improved login with Apple, a new basemap for Maps built from the ground up. and various performance improvements.

The iPadOS Developer Preview is available starting today for members of the Apple Developer Program. For the public beta we will have to wait for the month of June to advance. The definitive version of iPadOS will be available this fall, spring south of the equator, as an update on iPad Air 2 and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation and later, and iPad mini 4 and later.