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is the first of the games that FX Interactive will give away for the quarantine

27 mayo, 2021

During these days quarantine and confinement due to coronavirus we are seeing how many companies launch promotions to be able to use free software and services, as well as take courses, or access platforms such as Flixolé or Movistar + Lite at no cost. All to better cope with boredom. In that sense, FX Interactive, the developer of the mythical Imperium, has also communicated that they are going to give away one game a week.

Its CEO, Pablo Ruiz Tejedor has made the announcement with the aim that we encourage ourselves to spend more time at home, in this case through games. The first of the games that will be given away is one of the most mythical that they developed, ‘Imperium II: The conquest of Hispania’, and it will be available until March 22.

From FX Interactive they have not announced what other titles they will give away, but the catalog does not lack other interesting games that many players will surely appreciate. Ruiz has left the instructions to get hold of ‘Imperium II: The conquest of Hispania’, which involve installing the FX launcher, and following a series of steps. Let’s see what they are.

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To install this week’s legendary game, the first thing to do is download and install the launcher, FX Store from here. They are 233.2 MB of download and the speed is not very high, so you will have to wait a few minutes. Six, in my case.

Once the FX Store is installed, it will open and we will have to create an FX Account. If you already have it, you can pass this step. In the registration process we will have to enter our email, to confirm our identity. When it is created, we will log into the app, and now we can “buy” ‘Imperium’ completely free of charge. This step can also be done from the web.

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Later, we will have to click on “Install” and the installation will begin. It can also be done from the “My profile” section “My games”, where all the games we have bought appear. From here on we will only have to enjoy the Punic wars or Hannibal’s conquests as we did in 2003, commanded by Iberians, Carthaginians, Romans and Gauls.

The minimum requirements are laughable today: you need a computer with Windows XP, with a Pentium III processor, 1 GB of RAM, 1.5 GB free hard disk, and a 4 MB graphics card.

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