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its new reading program helps children learn to read by playing

25 mayo, 2021

Smartick Lectura is the new program of the online learning for kids that two Andalusians started up more than 10 years ago. The Smartick method of learning mathematics is already well known, and we know that it works. The new challenge now is to improve reading comprehension.

The idea is that through the program children between 4 and 14 years old not only learn to read, recognizing complex letters and texts, but also do so accurately and fluently, and also understand what they read.

Designed for children to work without parental assistance

Screenshots Reading

Like the math program, Smartick Reading is designed for the child to work on their own, only 15 minutes a day without the help of their parents. They only have to register the children as students and can use the free 7-day period directly without entering any payment method.

It’s just a matter of answering a few key questions during registration, such as age and if the child has any special educational needs. With this information, Smartick proposes a test for the student to determine the starting point and adapt the exercises according to their knowledge and needs.

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It does this by taking advantage of artificial intelligence, thanks to the algorithm used by the system, the program is adapted to each child in particular so that he learns at the most appropriate pace for him.

From the Parents website you can later review the rates that vary according to the number of students and types of subscription.

Reading accuracy, speed, intonation and compression

Speed ​​Test

Speed ​​test: children have to identify which are real words

The Smartick Lectura program is focused on empowering four main components:

  • That children can read any word, known or unknown, without making mistakes.
  • That they can read any word correctly at the speed that corresponds to their age.
  • That they can read any word or phrase with the appropriate intonation.
  • That they can understand the message of the sentences and written texts.

The children have to match each syllable with the corresponding sound

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For this it has interactive tutorials with a layer of gamification: children learn by playing. Students are evaluated in real time and parents can follow up the sessions thanks to the immediate reports of the results obtained.

The children will have an avatar that lives in a room that they furnish as they earn ticks (prizes) in each session. When the learning sessions are over, they can access a virtual world in which there are scientifically designed games to enhance cognitive skills such as attention, memory and concentration.

The process is dynamic and fun and it feels like a video game. Sessions are short and it is easier to hold the student’s attention. The folks at Smartick have spent the last two years trying to replicate their successful math approach, and their reading program is definitely looking good.