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its path is increasingly cross-platform

27 mayo, 2021

In the Mac world it is not common to install antivirus. As we have repeated on countless occasions, it is not that the system does not require security solutions, but rather with the integrated tools and given the few viruses that exist for the platform, a prior no need to install.

Even so, as we know from TechCrunch, Microsoft is going to launch Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac, a version of the existing Windows Defender (ATP), for advanced threat protection.

I've given Windows Defender a try and came across a good antivirus

“Security on all platforms”

Mac Defender

Microsoft executives who have been speaking to the media at the launch say this new antivirus for macOS is part of making sure that “the Microsoft 365 experience isn’t just Windows-centric“as Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Office and Windows tells TechCrunch.

Microsoft Defender ATP will arrive on the Mac to be used with the Microsoft 365 package, which includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, so in principle it is not intended for the common user of Office 365, but for companies, large companies and, yes, the educational field. To know which threats are the most dangerous and which ones should be a priority, the antivirus uses, of course, with automatic learning, which will show users which elements need to be repaired and will ask for actions to be taken.

Administrators will be able to manage all problems from a unified security control platform

Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac will be available for macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, and for macOS Sierra, and according to Microsoft, the tool will be similar to the one present in Windows. At the moment there is only one preview in a private beta program, and includes malware protection and virus scanning on the computer where it is present. Later you can enable and disable the real-time protection, cloud protection and automatic sampling.

Microsoft Defender

For directories and files that the user does not want Microsoft Defender ATP to scan, there will be a way to add exceptions, but the normal thing will be to make use of the fast or complete scan that we have already seen in traditional antivirus. Updates can be checked manually or activated automatically.

Companies that wish to participate in the private beta may do so by registering on this website enabled for it, but places are limited.

More information | Microsoft Defender ATP.