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It’s that simple to export your Google search history

26 mayo, 2021

The history of visited pages is something that we have been able to export and import for years from any of our different browsers. Instead the case of the different search history, since it always depends on the search engine that we use, and one thing is that it allows us to view it and another very different one that allows us to download it.

But it seems that after a year experimenting with the best way to allow us to do it, Google has already made available to all users the possibility of be able to download the complete history of the searches carried out, and has made the process to do so as simple as it is safe.

This is how Google search history is exported

If we want to download our search history, the first thing we have to do is enter the Google Web History website, where after entering the data of our Google account we can view all the searches we have done with it.


Within this website, our next step will be to click the configuration button and choose the option “Download”. Before continuing, Google will notify us that a file will be created with our data that it will send us by mail, and that let’s try not to download it on public computers. The only thing we will have to do then is give the option to “Create file”.


And that’s it, a few minutes later we will receive an email from Google in which a ZIP with our search history is attached, and we will have the option of downloading it directly to our computer or saving it in our Google Drive account to be able to consult it later and from the device we want.

It is very important that if by chance we have carried out this process on a computer other than ours, which Google and common sense advise against, we make sure to log out of our account. After all, in the online world there are few things more intimate than the searches we do, truth?

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