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jump into real life to control the mythical Google Chrome game

22 mayo, 2021

Despite being a very simple Easter egg, the Tyrannosaurus Rex game (the one that appears when you don’t have an Internet connection) from Google Chrome continues to inspire all kinds of amazing versions.

A few months ago we talked about a hack to control the T. Rex with our movements, and that is precisely what ‘Dino Fit’ proposes: a web page in which we will have to do some exercise to get it to jump.

A simple game against sedentary lifestyle

As we can see in the presentation video, this website will analyze our movements through the camera from our device (obviously, we will have to give you permission to do so).

“You are, essentially, the dinosaur. You physically jump to avoid obstacles for as long as you can.”

A positive point is that you can create a group to compete with your family and friends (sharing a link), and thus know who is the person who has managed to advance the maximum distance in the game.

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Yasha Chordia, the developer of Dino Fit, assures that created this game as an incentive to move the skeleton a little: “Most of us sit an average of 7.7 hours a day, and experts say this has a negative impact on our body and mind.”

“This is our little effort to help you break this pattern. With Dino Fit, you can take a break from your sedentary lifestyle.”

The truth is that works really well, although it might take a while to get the exact point at the minimum lag between when you physically jump and when the dinosaur jumps in the game.