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Kahoot! adds gamification to the concept of ‘remote study group’ and allows up to 100 students to learn by competing

27 mayo, 2021

Kahoot! is an online tool widely used in the educational field to promote learning through gamification: using the ‘contest’ format (above all, but not only, through multiple choice questions) as a reinforcement of memorization.

Kahoot! allows anyone to create a game board (called here -surprise- ‘kahoot’) with the theme you want; After that, it is enough for the rest of the users to join it by entering a PIN code: those who receive the highest score will receive a ‘podium’ as a reward, and the teacher will be able to export the contestants’ data to an Excel file.

Study Groups 2.0

But a situation like the current one, with millions of students around the world turning to online or blended education due to the mobility limitations imposed by the pandemic, has only reinforced the use of this kind of educational applications.

And Kahoot! has taken advantage of this context to introduce a new function that allows up to 100 students to compete and learn by organizing competitions at a distance among them.

What is Kahoot!  and how to create a quiz with it

The ‘Kahoot Study Leagues!’ “reintroduce the concept of study groups as another learning tool“Offering students the opportunity to create as many new leagues as they want and make the study more dynamic by playing from anywhere.

The way to use this function, available both on the web and in the Kahoot! app, it’s very simple: students will be able to select the material they want to practice and choose what to study together from among all the kahoots that are available on the platform, in order to win medals.

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In addition, thanks to the leaderboard, an additional element of gamification emerges as a motivation for students and their peers to continue learning.

According to Alexander Remen, Product Manager of Kahoot!, His company has

“Fully committed to making study interesting for students in any learning environment, whether on their own or with their peers.”

“[Esta función] reaches the educational sector to turn the learning process into an even more attractive and fun experience, thanks to a new social way of studying that increases participation through friendly competition “.