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Kapwing, convert your videos into stop motion easy, free and fast from the web

27 mayo, 2021

Stop motion is one of the animation techniques that usually requires more work to obtain videos of even very short duration, it is not something that anyone can do from one day to the next with professional results, but we can always resort to third-party tools to mimic the effect as closely as possible and without much effort.

This is exactly what Kapwing’s Stop Motion Video Maker tool does, it lets you turn your videos into stop motion extremely simple, easy and fast. All you have to do is upload the file and make some adjustments.

The first thing you should do is upload your video directly from your computer or paste a link straight to the video you want to convert in Kapwing. Once this is done you will enter the options panel.

From there you can choose between three different speeds: slow, medium and fast. You can also choose from six durations for each frame of the video, ranging from 0.2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. The longer, the longer each segment of the stop motion will last. Try several options until you get the result that you like the most.

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At the top and to the right of the menu you have the option “Trim video” to trim the recording. And also you can choose if you want the video to play in reverse.

Then you just have to press the button to create video and wait for it to be processed by the application. At the end you will have three options: download your video in MP4 format, open a direct link to your video, or remove the watermark.

As it is a free service, each video that you transform into stop motion will have a small watermark with the Kapwing web address, you can remove it from a video with a one-time payment of 2 dollars, or you can subscribe for 10 dollars a month to withdraw the brands of all your videos.

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