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Karaoke Party, test your skills as a singer through the Internet

26 mayo, 2021

With the start of the new television season, those programs that put a series of aspiring singers to the test will return to the grills of some television networks. But if you want more information about these programs, our colleagues from Vaya Tele will keep you informed. If, on the other hand, you want to put your singing skills to the test, you only have to plug in a microphone to your computers, register at Karaoke party, and practice with some of the topics available to them.

You have several ways to access its wide assortment of musical themes, from a list that can be sorted by popularity to by artist, by genre, through searches, and if you do not find this musical theme that you want so much, you can request that it be added soon . Each musical theme has its own file, including in it the music video, obtained from YouTube, to the letter of the same. Also, you can leave your comments.


Now you just have to select any musical theme, indicating the background music, whether vocal or instrumental, configure your microphones and start singing according to the rhythm that you mark on the screen, which can be in full screen, similar to a popular game of Karaoke from a popular video game console. And like this, depending on your level, you will receive a score that will be recorded on our personal page, from which other users can leave their comments, send private messages and request to enter their contact networks.

An interesting option to spend the weekend with friends.

Via | Makeuseof Link | Karaoke party