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Key names of all versions of Windows

26 mayo, 2021

I have found the review that has been curious Zoetrope from Worldgeek about the different key names who has been having the Windows versions. Let’s do a brief review:

  • Windows 3.1 (Janus)
  • Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (Snowball)
  • Windows 95 (Chicago)
  • Windows 98 (Memphis)
  • Windows Me (Millennium)
  • Windows Xp (Whistler)
  • Windows Vista (Longhorn)
  • Windows 7 (Vienna / Blackcomb)

Curious no? Each time the names are more convoluted, on the road you have the origin of each choice. Instead Ubuntu bet on animals with strange adjectives now Mac OS X The feline family is running out, we will see if each one remains faithful to the line demonstrated in recent years.


Via | Mundogeek More information | Ubuntu version names (wikpedia) More information | Mac OS X version names (wikipedia)