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KissYouTube, another way to download YouTube videos

27 mayo, 2021

In case we did not have enough options to download videos from YouTube, now we can kiss another option. KissYouTube is a simple tool that allows us to download it in an original way, without the need for a bookmarklet (although they may already have it) or installations.

To do this we just have to go to the url of the video, and in that url enter “kiss” just before, for example:

http: //

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We will access the page of KissYouTube of the selected video, where we will access the same information that we will find on your page from YouTube. From that page we are provided with the download link of the video, of which we will then have to enter its extension (.flv) to be able to be seen through some players, although if we do not know any, it links us to a tool for its reproduction and another for conversion to another format. It also has the option to share said video by email directly.

Another way to use this tool is by directly accessing it and entering the url or entering the search terms and selecting the desired video from the results.

Via | Bitelia Link | KissYouTube