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Kon-boot allows you to access the computer without knowing the password

24 mayo, 2021

More than once it will have happened to us that we need to access a computer and not be able to do it because we do not have the password, either because we or the owner of the machine have forgotten (who has not had to fix the computer of His parents?). In this case, the options to recover the password are several, but probably none as simple as Kon-boot.

It is a system that will allow us to start the computer with any user that we specify without having to know the password and without modifying any file on the disk. Using a boot disk, it patches the files and offers us unlimited access to the machine.

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Kon-boot It works both in Windows, allowing any user to enter with any password, as with Linux, with which we can access with root permissions or we can increase the privileges of any user during the current session.

Obviously, this tool is designed to gain access to our files in case we have lost the password and never to access machines to which we do not have permission. If you want to prevent something like this from running on your computer in the BIOS you have the solution.

We must leave the hard disk as the only means of booting, preventing it from being booted from a CD or from an external drive and, once this is done, we will block access to the BIOS with password. Obviously, this can also be bypassed in various ways, but it is common knowledge that if someone has physical access to our computer there are ways to get the data.

What we must do is make it as difficult as possible and, if we have sensitive data, encrypt it on the disk with a strong password, so that even if you access it, you cannot read it.

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