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latest cumulative update causes blue screen flicks

27 mayo, 2021

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is close to serving six months with us and despite having been a much more stable release than its predecessor, the successive cumulative updates it has received, which in theory should refine it even more and make it more stable, have ended. causing a long series of problems for users.

The last of those problems, according to reports from multiple users, are blue screens of death after installing the update KB4517389. Yes, the same one we reported a week ago was causing problems with the Start Menu as well.

But those are not the only failures caused by the aforementioned update, it has also presented problems with the classic version of Microsoft Edge for some users. The funny thing here is that this patch came to fix problems with printing on some devices, but it has ended up creating at least a trio of different bugs.

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The list of bugs caused by patches that are supposed to solve problems continues to grow

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It’s the same story from one of the first cumulative updates to Windows 10 1903. A patch was released in September to fix the high CPU usage that was causing a problem with Cortana.

Ironically the patch that fixed this issue caused the WiFi to stop working for some userss. But Cortana wasn’t the only one causing high CPU usage, there was also a Microsoft confirmed issue with Search and SearchUI.exe consuming too much processor resources.

At the same time, several users began to report a strange bug with screens turning orange. Microsoft’s recommended solution: uninstall cumulative update KB4512941.

The list is starting to get a little ridiculous. The problems with the cumulative updates in this latest version of Windows 10 are on a level with the release problems of the infamous October 2018 Update, and are starting to also make a big dent in the reputation of some patches that are supposed to solve the problems of Windows 10 that are more and more common after each update