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Launch of Future Motorpasion

27 mayo, 2021

Today a very special project comes to light, something important that our editorial team has worked on for many months. We were looking forward to launching it: Future MotorPassion. This is a new “spin off” of our motor channel, joining motorcycles, formula 1 and Classic Motorpassion, focused on the innovation, technology and impact on the environment, increasingly leading aspects of the sector.

The editorial line of Motorpasión Futuro includes topics such as alternative propulsion (hybrids, electric …), other fuels (bioethanol, LPG, biogas), new mobility philosophies (car sharing, special rentals), latest technology on wheels (gadgets, Internet in the car), etc. We start wondering if an electric vehicle will really serve us, dismantling myths about the hybrid car and anticipating the cars that are close to appearing, such as the Renault Twizy, the BMW Series 5 Plug-in Hybrid or the Toyota Yaris Concept.

Perhaps it is not a subject as attached to genbeta as the “Genbeta dev”: https: //, but nevertheless surely to the passionate of technology you will like it.

We are waiting for you there!