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launches a new domain to bypass the blocking of operators

25 mayo, 2021

A few days ago, the main operators in the country blocked access to some of the most popular download pages:,,, and

Elitetorrent is one of the most visited download pages in Spain (they boast of being “the largest platform to download movies and series in Spanish”), and it has reacted quickly to this measure creating a new domain so that users can continue accessing the platform.

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The classic game of cat and mouse

If we try to write in the browser bar we will see that automatically we will be redirected to the new domain: We have tried to access it from Spain and, for now, it is possible to access the web without problems.

The design is identical and on the website they do not warn that there has been some type of change to majors:

Elitetorrent Download Torrent Without Limits

In fact, If we Google “Elitetorrent” this new domain will appear in first position. Obviously, there is a good chance that soon the operators will also add this new domain to the list of blocked pages.

Anyway, in the past we have already verified that it is relatively effective block access to download web pages, as new domains will be created to escape these restrictions.

What’s more, there are tools (such as accessing through a VPN network or using Tor) free and easy to use that allow us to access domains that have been blocked by operators.