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leak internal documents targeting TikTok moderators

27 mayo, 2021

TikTok, in addition to being one of the social networks of the moment, has on many occasions been the target of criticism from many relevant people and people in the world of technology.

The Intercept has had access to internal company documents, in which you can see how the creators of this platform gave orders to the moderators to delete the publications created by ugly, poor, overweight or disabled users.

“If the person is not well, the video will be less attractive”

These policies specify that moderators avoid promoting “abnormal body shapes, chubby, having a beer belly, obese or too thin “.

As if that weren’t enough, too it is aimed at people who suffer from some type of disability. They assure that “if the person who appears in the video or his environment is not well, the video will be much less attractive.”

Regarding the “ugliness” aspect, these policies specifically mention people with “eye disorders, with crooked mouth disease and other disabilities “.

Nor does it give relevance to videos created in “marginal neighborhoods”

In addition to all these rules aimed at the physical appearance of users, the document revealed that ByteDance (the company that owns TikTok) asked moderators to avoid promoting content that appears to be created in “slums, rural fields (although the beautiful landscapes of nature can be exempted) or houses in poor condition “.

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Apparently these rules were launched to try to attract new users, and prevent this type of videos from appearing recommended in the “For You” section within the application.

For its part, a ByteDance spokesperson assured to The Intercept that “most” of the discovered guidelines no longer exist or were never implemented. He added that the rules were “an early and forceful attempt to prevent bullying.”

The Intercept also had access to some documents related to live streaming within TikTok, which prohibited “defamation of officials, political leaders (and their families) or religious.”

In these documents, moderators are asked to prohibit such posts that seek to “endanger national security” or “national honor and interests.”