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Learn English online: Livemocha

26 mayo, 2021

January is the month of resolutions par excellence, and with the beginning of the year it is usual that we dare to tackle those goals that we have delayed for so long. One of the most helpful is that of learn English, pending subject for so many Spaniards.

If you have decided to undertake such a purpose, in Genbeta we are going to help you by launching our special for Learn English online. In it we will discuss various pages, social networks, mobile applications and other very helpful tricks so that starting to speak this language stops being a problem for you.

Let’s start this special with Livemocha, a cross between a social network and an interactive course system that aims to take advantage of the best of both worlds to help its community learn multiple languages. In particular, we are going to focus on your possibilities to study English, which are frankly interesting.

Courses completely adapted to you


Once we have created our Livemocha account and selected the language we want to learn, the page asks us a series of questions about the domain we want to acquire, the urgency we have or the way we like best to adapt to our needs. Based on this we will access a series of courses ranging from basic to intermediate level (from 101 to 202), with a total of ten units to complete.

Each unit in turn has five lessons to strengthen different skills, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension, both in reading and listening. Lessons are provided on multiple media, including audio and video recordings, PDFs, quizzes to complete, and other interactive options to suit the needs of each area.

To these basic courses is added Active English, a more practical syllabus focused on the use of English on a day-to-day basis. These lessons have four categories, from basic to advanced, and feature content from two renowned publishers such as Pearson and Harper Collins.

Learn English on the Internet through social channels


So far Livemocha has offered us solutions for the study like those we could find in many other pages, but the interesting thing comes when we discover the huge community of users behind it. The page it also works as a social network in its most traditional sense, including profiles, chats, image uploads, messages, etc.

The tool proposes recommended users who are learning our language and are fluent in English, so that we can create a group of contacts to make friends with while we put English into practice. At the same time, we can connect our profile on Livemocha with that of Facebook to discover friends from that network who are also learning languages.

For the community to work, its users must act both as students and as teachers, so we are encouraged to correct the work done by students of Spanish. For each review we make, we will be granted tokens, necessary to exchange for the courses we want to take. This is the key to making the whole system work based on the input of each individual.

Free accounts and premium offer


Livemocha accounts are free, so we can enjoy the possibilities of your social community without paying anything for it. To access the courses instead we will have to redeem, as I have said before, virtual tokens that can be obtained by helping other users with their jobs or by paying for them.

If we do not want to be correcting other users to be able to advance with our course, the most practical thing is to become a premium account, called Gold Key, which gives us access to all the material directly. This costs 9.95 euros per month or 99.95 euros per year. However, from my point of view the real grace of the system is interacting with other users, thus promoting reciprocal learning that complements the courses taught, so it is not really essential to go through the box.

Before finishing, here is a presentation video so that you can better see the operation of this complete service to learn English online. Over the next few weeks we will continue to analyze other proposals in our special so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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