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Learn to type with this free online course and start typing with all your fingers

27 mayo, 2021

Although typing finds its origin in the first typewriters (back in 1808), the reality is that many people they still do not handle when writing with all the fingers of their hands. It is not easy to learn. You have to know how to place your fingers in the correct position, know which keys you should access with each of them and, of course, practice, practice and keep practicing.

If you are one of those people who continue to write with your index fingers, you may be interested in signing up for a typing course that teaches you to use all 10 fingers. This will help you type much faster and look up from the keyboard when composing text, as well as make fewer mistakes. Cursomeca is an online course and completely free that will help you to achieve it.

Learn to type with Cursomeca and start using all 10 fingers

Cursomeca Although the design of the website is somewhat outdated, its content is very good. Read all the instructions well and do your best to position your hands well.

Cursomeca has been on the Internet for many years, and has helped thousands of people write with all the fingers of their hand. You simply have to create an account and complete the 27 interactive lessons that the platform puts at your disposal. Your progress will be saved in the account, so you can continue practicing on any device you have at home. Before starting you can, if you wish, take a speed test.

Each lesson contains an exercise that basically consists of pressing different combinations of keys. On the screen you will see the keys that you must press highlighted in red, and it will not let you advance until you press the correct one. You will also see a color scheme that will tell you which key to press with each finger. The first ones are simple (AAAA, JJJJJ, AAJJ …) but then they get complicated by adding more keys, numbers, accents, symbols, etc.

First lesson Cursomeca The first few lessons will teach you to position your fingers correctly and to access the correct keys. Complete the exercise to advance to the next lesson and calm down, because you can repeat them all again whenever you want.

When you finish the lesson it will show you the mistakes you have made, the time it took to complete it and the beats per minute. You can then proceed to the next lesson or repeat the current one to try to improve your score.

Cursomeca score

Don’t be in a hurry. There is no time limit to complete the lessons, so go at your own pace. Repeat them as many times as you want (especially the first ones, which will teach you the basics and how to place your hands) and move on when you feel ready. Gaining speed and ease is just a matter of practice.

Cursomeca is available in several languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese, each with its respective keyboard layout, although this can be changed if the user wishes.

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