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Left and right bloggers united against #SOPA

27 mayo, 2021

The conservative political blogosphere (right) and the “liberal” (equivalent to left or center-left in Europe) have come together in the US to fight the common enemy: politicians who want to pass anti-piracy laws to legalize online censorship.

Bloggers in the orbit of the two great parties but with enough critical sense (and freedom) to face the legislative challenge against the people’s media (internet) that the copyright lobby and politicians with a phobia of the network (of that same freedom) want to occupy and control to turn our screens into another television.

That is why bloggers and users (left and right or libertarians) warn these days that their blog networks and political forums may cease to exist if laws such as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) are approved, as a user of one of the networks of supporters of the Republican Party warns that collects the words of the CEO of Google, Eric schmidt against SOUP.

The RedState Editor himself, one of the most important networks of influence and conservative opinion in the United States, Erick Erickson, the influential Erick Erickson, has announced an initiative for do not vote for any Republican who supports SOPA.

It is the NoLesVotes of a defender of freedom digital, which says: I love Marsha Blackburn but I will do my best to get her defeated in her 2012 reelection bid for her support of the SOPA Act. Erick explains that the US Congress does not understand the web. Maybe they can understand the strength of the network when they are defeated at the polls. It is the goal of the political blogosphere:

The left and the right must commit to defeating each and every defender of SOPA

Bloggers on the liberal left and in the orbit of the Democratic Party congratulate themselves that corporate support for the SOUP it is beginning to decrease due to the pressure of the network. What happened to GoDaddy, the domain registration company that lost customers after supporting anti-piracy law, as the political pawns call it (and tertullians) of the global lobby.

The unity of the network against the enemies of its freedom comes into effect. “Some good news on the SOPA front: Their social base is starting to crumble,” he writes euphorically. David dayden in Firedoglake, one of the collective blogs of reference of the American digital left:

GoDaddy is not the only case. Dozens of law firms are requesting that their name be removed from the list of supporters of the SOUP.

The free citizens of the network have seen the ears to the copyright lobby which are those of the hare that precedes the big bad wolf and liberticide of the State that wants and needs to control the Internet. So that the exercise of political and financial piracy, immoral discharges and abuses of power can be better hidden. Less wolves.

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