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Lexicity, a huge library of resources for learning ancient languages ​​like Sanskrit, Aramaic or Latin

23 mayo, 2021

If you are a person extremely interested in older languages and you had no idea where to start studying without having to take courses reserved for long, complex university careers and with professors who do not look like Indiana Jones, the Internet always comes to the rescue and proves again that there is almost nothing that you cannot do on the web.

In Lexicity you find a site completely dedicated to the collection of educational resources that can help you learn one of the 30 oldest languages ​​on the planet. They call themselves “the first and only comprehensive index of ancient languages ​​resources on the Internet.” At least it is the first that we get, and we doubt that they have much competition.


Ancient Languages ​​Lexicity

The website was founded a few years ago and in that time they have released two versions with a large library of constantly expanding resources. At the moment you can find materials to learn:

Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, Church Slavonic, Coptic, Egyptian, Elamite, Ethiopian, Etruscan, Gallic, Georgian, Gothic, Greek, Hebrew, Hittite, Latin, Mayan languages, Ancient Chinese, Old English, Old French, Old Friesian languages, Old High German, Old Irish, Old Norse, Old Persian, Old Turkish, Sanskrit, Sumerian, Syriac, and Ugaritic.

Many are dead languages, and surely most of them sound only to you from some old anthropology class, from a passage in a Dan Brown novel or from a scene in Tomb Rider. Now, if you are not as ignorant a commoner as we are, and you are truly interested in these languages, here you can find from dictionaries, grammar tools, through tables and helps, as well as textbooks.

Each language has its own section and index of resources that you can download directly from Lexicity, or links to external sites in which you find more information. If you want to collaborate with the web you can send your own resources, it is partly thanks to the community that so many materials are found on the web.

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