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Liligo, alternative search engine for the best flights and hotel rooms

27 mayo, 2021

Stiff competition is what exists in specialized search engines in the search for the best flights and hotels. If we did not have enough specialized search engines like Minube, which has recently become a social network, now we find ourselves with Liligo.

Liligo wants to stomp, and for that aims to differentiate itself from its competition not only through its carefree and clear aesthetics, but also by offering the best possible results in user searches under specific criteria, without confusing information with sales, as they themselves say they do their competition.

It strikes me that At the bottom of the page we can create ourselves as a kind of Netvibes, where we can add tabs, and in each of them we will add some of the modules that they put at our disposal, both with services such as flight alerts and information modules obtained from an rss channel that we indicate. In addition, we can subscribe to receive the best offers in our email box every week.

Flight searches are carried out in more than 600 regular and low-cost airlines, and room searches are carried out in more than 61,479 hotels. In addition, we can search within the most searched flights with the best prices.

Without a doubt, it adds some quite interesting extras, which invites us to be registered and aware of the best offers.

Via | Link | Liligo Spain