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Linux gamers have a new unofficial client to run games from the Epic Games Store

25 mayo, 2021

There was a time when you debated whether Linux really was ready to compete with Windows In the desktop field, there could be discrepancies between different users, but almost always the same consensus was reached: that it was not a great option for gamers.

But that is over: the open source community provides better and better support for those, allowing use thousands of video games on Linux, even if there is not always official support for themselves.


Replicating the Windows user experience

Now, users accustomed to using the Epic Games Store to buy their games on Windows can count on another application (in addition to Lutris Gaming) that make it easy to jump to Linux: Heroic Games Launcher.

Heroic is actually just a GUI or graphical interface for a pre-existing and complementary tool, (Legendary), which allows you to install and run games from the Epic Games platform: that is why, if you have been using Legendary without problems until now, Heroic should show you your library from the beginning.

Linux gaming is not what it used to be: in less than two years Proton and Steam Play have brought us more than 6500 games

Up to now, using Legendary meant forcing the user to resort to the command line. For this reason, it is so important for most users (especially for those who until now resisted using Linux) to be able to have an option that allows them to somehow replicate the user experience they have been enjoying in Windows.

Mind you: Heroic Games Launcher is currently in beta phase, so its functionality is not 100%; these are the functions available at the moment:

  • Login / logout options for our Epic Games account.
  • View our personal library of games.
  • Consult basic information about our games.
  • Install / uninstall the games from the ‘launcher’.
  • Play games using the default version of Wine (as well as its ‘prefix’ or default configuration folder).
  • Synchronize saved games with the cloud.
  • Open a game page in the Epic web store.
  • Find the game on ProtonDB.
Heroic 2

In order to future versions, its developers have announced other complementary functionalities, such as being able to use custom versions of Wine (Lutris Wine / Proton), import already installed games or get Epic’s ‘free game of the week’ directly from the application.

Luckily, Heroic Games Launcher has installation files compatible with various Linux package systems: from applications compatible with Debian (.deb), Fedora (.rpm) and Arch (in AUR), to others independent of the type of distribution (AppImage or tar.xz, for example).