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Linux versions for Raspberry Pi that emulate Mac OS and Windows 10

25 mayo, 2021

All Raspberry fans know Raspbian, the unofficial Debian port released in 2012 in order to provide a Linux distribution optimized for this mini-PC and that, three years later, it ended up becoming the official operating system of the Raspberry Foundation.

The creators of Raspbian already developed a specific desktop environment for their distribution, PIXEL, but now another developer (known as Pi Labs) has wanted to give the idea a twist by creating a version of Raspbian that is not only optimized to emulate software from other systems and architectures (includes the Linux x86 Box86 emulator, and the RetroPie game console emulator), but also to blend aesthetically with other systems.

Thus, its creators offer two different variants of Raspbian: Raspbian X Nighthawk (with the Windows 10 look) and iRaspbian (with the MacOS look, of course). Both distributions are optimized for Raspberry 4: users who have tested them on this board are satisfied with the performance, which is not the case with those who have dared to try it on previous versions of Raspberry.

In both cases, the installation method is the same: download a compressed file of the distribution in question from their joint official website (, add the extension .img to the image file it contains and use the BalenaEtcher program to install it on a microSD drive, which we will later introduce in our Raspberry Pi. After that, we just have to enter the password ‘raspberry‘when the login screen appears.

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What software does it include?

In addition to Retropie and Box86 (which even allows you to play games with OpenGL), both iRaspbian and Raspbian X offer a varied assortment of applications:

  • Chromium Media Edition: Chrome version that allows you to play content with DRM, which makes it compatible with services such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney +.

  • Android Mirroring: Software that allows you to connect an Android device to your PC and see a mirror image of what happens on your screen.

  • Virtual machines: Both distributions include virtualization of both older versions of Windows (98) and Mac OS (9).

  • Steam: A version under development of the video game purchasing and management service client.

  • Gimp and Libreoffice: The free alternatives par excellence to, respectively, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office.

Via | The Output