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listen to it for free and wherever you want

25 mayo, 2021

Music streaming services, like the popular Spotify, offer a huge advantage over local song libraries: give access to a huge variety of themes with every imaginable artist and style. Now, it doesn’t make much sense to subscribe when you’re only listening to a limited collection of music; so it is more convenient (and surely cheaper) to buy those songs and store them in the phone’s storage.

Local libraries, usually MP3 libraries, have given way to offline downloading of music charts, but they still retain their appeal. And with YouTube Music you can now combine the best of both worlds: your own music locally and also in streaming. All free and without having to buy the songs again since you can upload them to the Google cloud.

In the replacing Play Music with YouTube Music, a process that has already been confirmed by Google, the song upload service is active on the YouTube music platform. And it is really easy to use, just follow a few steps.

Upload the music from the browser

Upload Music Youtube Music

YouTube Music has activated the upload of songs to the accounts, yours should also be included (or you may have to wait a bit). This upload is available both for those who use the platform for free and for those who are subscribed to the subscription, either with YouTube Music Premium (9.99 euros per month) or with YouTube Premium (11.99 euros per month). In all cases, the song upload conditions are the same, so you will not have more or less space if you subscribe or not, you will not hear ads: Google does not put them in the songs that the user uploads.

The song upload process is really simple, we already anticipated it. At the moment it is such that:

  • Access the YouTube Music page from your browser. It is best to use a computer, but you can also upload songs from the mobile browser if you activate the desktop display.
  • Click on your avatar icon, the one that appears at the top right of the screen.
  • You will see a ‘Upload music’ appear. Click there.
Upload Music Youtube Music
  • The first time you will have to accept the song upload conditions.
  • Click on ‘Upload songs’ again and choose the folder on your computer (or mobile) where you have all the songs. The climb only suitable for FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG and WMA formats.
  • Once you accept, a progress bar will appear indicating how much you have left to upload. When finished, all the songs will be in the Google cloud.
  • The music will not appear immediately in your YouTube Music application (or web): take a while to process before being available.
Upload Music Youtube Music

Not available yet, but music can also be uploaded from mobile apps – the option will be found in the account settings. We do not know when Google will activate it.

Song upload features

Upload Music Youtube Music Songs appear in the YouTube Music app after processing

The best thing about this imported function from Google Play Music is that anyone can use it as a Premium subscription to the service is not required. However, uploading songs to YouTube Music entails a series of drawbacks, also more advantages apart from its zero cost for the user. We summarize them in the following points:

  • It is suitable for both YouTube Music Premium and free accounts.
  • The uploaded songs do not have any type of advertising, can be played in the background and have no limitations.
  • Upload library is personal– No other YouTube Music user can listen to them, only the one who uploaded the songs. Neither can the rest of the members of the family plans listen to them.
  • Playlists can be created with songs from YouTube Music and user-uploaded themes. In the event that these lists are shared the others will not listen to the uploaded songs, only their owner.
  • Any song can be uploaded in FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG and WMA formats.
  • YouTube Music does not specify the storage limits for the upload service, but it is expected that they will remain the same as for Google Play Music: 50,000 songs and up to a maximum of 300 MB per song.
  • The user is the legal person in charge of all the music that he uploads: YouTube only saves a copy in his name.