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Listen to music online

27 mayo, 2021

Lately there is a lot of talk about Stage6, its ratings and the online television. But if we go to the musical field we can also find many services that allow us to listen on-line the music we like and I don’t mean googling songs.

There are different types of services in this regard, such as social media (iLike, Musocity …), online custom radios (, Pandora …), but if we want to listen to the music that we like and more importantly, that we choose and not the one recommended or generated by an artist, we need other services.

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I have taken the liberty of selecting five services to listen to music on-line which I think are the best you can find, both for their Interface and functionality as per the number of songs they offer.

I have been using it for a long time and it is without a doubt one of the best. It started with the interface of a iPod black, now it has been renewed, it has a very extensive song database and allows us to listen to music in a comfortable and fast way.

Has a seeker where we can enter the name of the artist, song, album … that we want to find and once found we can listen to it with the built-in player. It also allows us to create our own playlists and upload new songs.


Very similar in functionality to Blogmusik although it also integrates a recommendation system, in which we can discover new groups similar to others we already know. The Interface is spectacular and the player, created in flash, it is very curious and graphic.

Fintune allows us to create playlists with songs that we seek. These have a series of limitations such as that there cannot be more than three songs by the same artist or that they must have a minimum number of songs to be able to play. Outside the lists we can only hear one preview 30-second long songs.

Apart from this we can hear playlists from other users, embed ours in blogs or web pages or listen to a random selection of songs from the artist or album you are looking for.


It is a simple service to listen to songs on-line. Has a Interface very simple, where you can differentiate a search engine and a player.

Its operation is simple: we look for a record, artist … and we select a song from the results. This song will be played within a list that includes other automatically generated songs, giving us the possibility to discover new groups. We can also create our own playlists.


This is a special case since we cannot choose neither the artist nor the song we want to listen to, but the musical style. This may not meet one of the requirements that I said above but it has the characteristic that once inside a playlist, generated in a very graphic way, we can jump from one song to another with total freedom. In addition, if we change the song, a new list is generated, with artists similar to the one of the selected song. It is missed that songs can be saved in a playlist.

Something very curious is that within the chosen musical style we can choose to what extent we want it to be dark, positive, calm or energetic, and thus hit better with what we want to hear.


And to finish another special case, since it is a mashup of various services (YouTube, Amazon and Wikipedia) but for its interface and functionality it is worth a mention. It allows us to search for groups or artists, generating a scheme with groups similar to the one searched.

Once a group has been selected, we will be shown a small review (made by users), the results of that group in the Wikipedia and in Amazon, and finally a list with the songs of the searched group or artist linking to videos in Youtube, thus being able to listen to them. It also allows us to create a favorites list with a maximum of 15 songs.