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Long live the bride and groom! 11 applications and websites to organize your wedding

27 mayo, 2021

Is he most important day in the lives of many couples. A day that they spend months organizing, in which many different elements have to be taken into account, in which any little detail can make the difference between a wonderful experience and a day to forget. Yes, we are talking about the day of your wedding.

But at Genbeta, logically, we have to talk about weddings from a different perspective: the software. Because today there are a multitude of applications, web pages and online services that are made available to you to help you with all the necessary preparations for that day, from the design of the invitations to the planning of the honeymoon, and the compilation of photos of the celebration.

In the list you will find both tools that manage all the details related to the link globally, like apps that specialize in something very concrete (wedding dresses, wedding lists, invitations). And there can be no lack of applications that, although they are not originally designed to manage weddings, can be adapted to it without problems.

So put on your best clothes and prepare the handful of rice, We’re going to a wedding!

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One of the most popular options when organizing your wedding with the help of software is the web In it you can find everything you need so that that day turns out perfect and absolutely nothing fails. accompanies you during the whole processFrom creating a to-do list with everything to do to creating a database with your favorite suppliers: photographers, florists, animation, wedding cakes, buses, music, etc. The website also has tools to manage your guest list (with confirmation of attendance), organize the banquet tables to correctly distribute the seats, and control the budget so as not to exceed the expenses.

Finally, two details that I really liked are the possibility of creating a personal web about your wedding (perfect, for example, to communicate to your guests any news easily and quickly) and also a special section with ideas for inspire you in organizing your link.

The wedding you want

The wedding you want

On The wedding you want, for their part, specialize in the part of Stationery of a wedding: the invitations, the wedding program, the access map to the celebration, the banquet menus, the names of the guests on the tables … in short, everything that has to do with paper and printing.

From its website you can select the option you prefer (there are various packs to choose from, with different qualities of finishes and prices), or contact them directly to have a meeting – via Skype, if necessary – to talk about the ideas that you and your partner have and how to put them on paper.

In addition to dedicating himself to the stationery part, in The wedding you want you can also order a custom app for your wedding day, where you can share photos and videos with your guests, indicate the venue on Google Maps, or comment on the link on social networks. The app also allows, for example, guests to contribute songs to a Spotify playlist.


Your mobile wedding

In the case of Tubodamovil, it is a useful tool for the bride and groom and also for the guests, which works as a communication link Between both.

For the bride and groom, on the one hand, it allows them to easily manage the theme of the invitationsEither in traditional format (that is, printed cards that are sent through the mail) or in digital format. In both ways, the guests receive a QR code that they must scan with their mobile, and from then on they will have access to your wedding app.

From this app it will be possible, for example, that the guests RSVP or indicate if they have any food allergies, and the couple will be able to facilitate all the needed information such as the location of the ceremony and the banquet, hotels to stay, parking places and other points of interest.

The app also works as a guestbook where guests can leave messages for the bride and groom, and a Photo album shared among all users to have a different and fun point of view of the link, thanks to the photos of your guests.



Although it started only as a service of wedding listsEl Corte Inglés has now gone a little further with its online wedding tool. BodaMás offers, in addition to this list service, help to hire other services (catering, photographer, hairdresser and makeup …), suggestions for the wedding dress, or the organization of the honeymoon trip, among other things.

The website also has tools to create guest lists, organize banquet tables and control expenses. In short, it has gone from being a simple online wedding list to a global organizing tool of links in the style of

One detail that I like about BodaMás is that it is also aimed at guests, to whom it gives ideas for dresses and accessories, gift ideas for the bride and groom, and even facilities to be able to acquire a gift from the wedding list from the website itself.



Speaking of wedding lists, Zankyou is another online service specialized in them. With this tool you can create your wedding list online, share it with your guests, and they can purchase the gift of their choice directly through the web, or even by calling their customer service.

The peculiarity of Zankyou is the wedding list itself; Instead of being a list to use, in which you can end the house full of useless junk, Zankyou enters the bank account of the bride and groom on amount of gifts received (by charging a commission for the service), “converted” into money that they can use however they want.

In this way you can put on your wedding list, for example, stages of your Honeymoon (and take advantage of the money raised for that) or turn your wedding into an event solidary where the gifts bought by your guests are actually donations to an NGO.

Zankyou also helps you create a Web page about your fully customizable wedding, where you can communicate with your guests and inform them about any change or news of the link.



Weddcam presents itself as “the social network of weddings”, and in a way it works like a kind of Facebook built around the wedding theme. After creating a user account, you can create an event about your wedding and share it with your guests, so that all of them are aware of the latest details of the link.

The web also functions as a point of contact between the bride and groom and the companies and suppliers related to weddings, who can use their Weddcam profile to advertise themselves.

Once the day of the link arrives, the guests can use the Weddcam app, available for Android and iPhone, for share all your photos in the wedding event created on the social network.

Vogue Brides

Vogue brides

It is clear that the great protagonist of the day in a marriage bond is the bride. Maybe that’s why wedding dress It is one of the most important elements in the preparation of any wedding. And there are various applications dedicated to them, such as Vogue Novias.

Vogue Novias works like a directory of all the essential services, companies and professionals in the organization of a link. Dresses, flowers, accessories (from jewelry to shoes), photography, catering and much more. The app is available for iPhone and Android.



Pronovias is one of the bridal gown brands More popular of our country, and in its app (available for Android and iPhone) you can check its dresses catalog, both as a girlfriend and as a guest, from anywhere and at any time. In addition, you will also see where you have the closest point of sale.

But the Pronovias app is more than just a catalog in an app. It is also a pocket organizer that helps you manage the wedding preparations, and control wedding expenses so as not to go over budget.


Although it is not a website specialized in weddings, with you can create cards, postcards, congratulations and of course, wedding invitations – with a wide range of customization options.

The good thing about Moo is that you have various design options at your fingertips: you can start with a blank design, use one of the templates included in the tool or even use your own design that you have created yourself.

Organize your wedding with Trello … or with Excel


Organize a wedding with Trello or Excel? Are we crazy or what? Well no; The truth is that both the project planning software and the Microsoft spreadsheet can be perfectly used to organize your link if you prefer not to resort to specialized tools.

In the case of Trello, as we already explained in this article, you can use a panel specially designed for weddings that allows you to have controlled all the details of the link from 12 months before the date.

And in the case of Excel, among the many different organization templates available for download, you can use one that is specially designed for weddings and it allows you to keep track of all the details of the organization much more precisely.

Don’t forget Facebook

Facebook Moments

Surely the vast majority of your guests use Facebook, so it would not be difficult for you to convince them to download Facebook Moments. Then you just have to create a wedding album and share its link with your guests, so that everyone can upload photos.

So you will have all the photos taken by all your guests, gathered in one place, perfect to review later, download them to your computer, create an album with them … whatever you want. A fun and original memory of a unique day!

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