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Magic Transfer, backup and synchronization of settings

27 mayo, 2021

If we follow an adequate backup policy we will not have data loss problems in case, for whatever reason, we lose our computer. We will only have to reinstall the operating system, the applications we used and restore the copy of the data.

Of course, data is not the only thing on a computer. After using the different programs, we have adapted the different programs to our needs: user names, preferences for use, program settings, wallpapers, … a multitude of options that are not usually taken into account when it comes to make backup copies, especially because it is difficult to collect them all.

Magic Trasnfer is an application that takes care of precisely that, saving the settings and some of the data stored in our programs, such as our browser’s favorites.

In addition to making copies of them, it will also help us to synchronize the data with other computers, so that they are always updated on any machine we have to work on.

The program is free and compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.

Via | Open Security. Link | Magic Transfer.