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Mark as unread from a certain point

27 mayo, 2021

Google has just added a new and curious functionality in the Gmail labs, which consists of marking an email thread as unread but only to a certain extent. For long email conversations that we have to finish for another time, the feature can come in handy.

Remember that Gmail organizes emails as “conversations” grouping all responses, as if it were a forum. It is a very comfortable way of being able to see many emails of the same topic without having to scroll through them, but personally I have seen threads of more than 100 messages which I had to scroll through every time there was a new answer.


To activate it we just have to access the Gmail Labs tab and activate the ‘Mark unread from here’ gadget. Once we mark a series of emails as unread from a point onwards, the next time we enter that conversation, Gmail will skip the read emails to save us a few clicks and scrolling the page.

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