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master mode difficulty tips, pixiegames hard difficulty mode

4 julio, 2021

18 12 2018 the legend of zelda breath of the wild dlc everything we know Zelda Breath of the Wild master mode: master mode difficulty tips, hard difficulty mode

The first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is The Master Trials, and this introduces a ton of new features to the game, one of which is the Master Mode difficulty setting. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Mode Guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the increased difficulty mode, so you’re fully prepared when you enter.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Mode

There are several new features contained in Breath of the Wild’s master mode, also known as hard mode difficulty. We’ll go over all the changes here, all of which arrive in The Master Trials DLC pack.

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Enemies like Hinox are even harder to defeat in master mode.
  • Enemies improve in difficulty, for example weaker Red Bokoblins now appear as Improved Blue Bokoblins, and so on.
  • All enemies regain health during battle, which means you’ll need to land hits quickly.
  • Enemies will also detect Link earlier, making stealth difficult.
  • There will be “higher-ranking enemies that you won’t find on normal difficulty,” according to Nintendo.
  • Balloon-supported floating platforms will appear around Hyrule, with enemies and treasure chests on top.
  • Master mode will be contained in a separate save file for normal difficulty mode, which means you can come back at any time.

Breath of the Wild Master Mode Tips and Tricks

And now, some tips and tricks to make sure Link beats Breath of the Wild’s master mode difficulty.

  • Enemies can spot Link more easily, but don’t give up on dodging enemies and dropping them. They are now stronger, so you will need all the benefits you can get.
  • Always keep arrows, and maybe even save them solely to take out Bokoblin archers on top of platforms, as well as bosses like Ganon’s iterations in Divine Beasts.
  • Speaking of arrows, it’s not a bad idea to use them to take out any wildlife you see early on in Master Mode. You will need all the healing dishes you can get to keep Link alive.
  • Remember that you can always knock down floating platforms on which the enemies are, popping the balloons with arrows.
  • Don’t forget that enemies gradually regain health, and this begins a few seconds after your last attack against them, which means that you will have to press the attack if you want to send an enemy forever.

If you need any other information on the latest Zelda DLC, head over to Everything We Know About The Master Trials DLC, which will take you straight to all the new items, including the Tingle Suit and Phantom Armor.

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master mode difficulty tips, pixiegames hard difficulty mode