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Maxthon releases version 4.0 and becomes Maxthon Cloud Browser

26 mayo, 2021

Maxthon is a somewhat special web browser, since since version 3 uses two rendering engines: WebKit (present in Chrome and Safari, among others) and Trident (Internet Explorer). The company responsible for the browser has released Maxthon 4, with a vocation in the cloud such that the name of the product has changed, becoming Maxthon Cloud Browser now.

I started using Maxthon when version 3 came out, because a part of their advertising slogan caught my attention then: the fastest browser in the world. On the certainty or not of the slogan and its benefits I am not going to comment on anything now, since I am preparing a special about the product to publish shortly. What we are going to review at this time are the what’s new in the new version.

What’s new in Maxthon Cloud Browser

The new features that appear in version 4 are: Cloud Push, Cloud Tabs Y Cloud Download. The names leave no room for doubt about the commitment to the cloud paradigm.

  • Cloud Push lets send text, images, links and tabs open to any device animated by operating systems: Android (phones and tablets), Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows.
  • Cloud Tabs allows to synchronize contents with the commented mobile devices, so that we can continue the navigation started in the supported desktop operating systems.
  • Cloud Download lets go down and up contents to My Cloud, the backup service that works on any supported device.

Logically there loading speed improvements of the pages compared to the previous version, as well as a great job in the memory optimization consumed.

This is just a snack for those who already know the browser. In the special we will address each point of this product little known by the “normal” user, and that nevertheless has a lot to offer, being a real alternative to already established browsers.

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Link | Download (Android, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Windows)
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