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“May feelings”, the social network that prays to change the world. A Spanish initiative

27 mayo, 2021

From the hand of three Spaniards, Santiago Requejo, Joaquín de los Ríos and Bosco Ybarra, he was born on May 1 May Feelings, a social network whose motto is to pray to change the world. Regardless of the beliefs of each one, the end of the project seems quite noble, with very interesting details.

How is it possible that in a world full of social networks, there are still people who feel lonely?

This is the question that the authors asked themselves and the motivation to create this social network. May Feelings is a meeting place between people who need to pray for them and those who are willing to pray for the requests of the former. May Feelings has taken some ideas from other social networks generalists and is based on a series of basic concepts.

This is how May Feelings works

May Feelings requires registration. It is necessary to enter some personal information in a form: Name and surname, username, email, password and date of birth. In the portal the Terms and conditions of use, as well as the Privacy Policy.

Behind May Feelings there is a correctly identified limited company in accordance with Spanish law. Beyond the legal aspects, the project is financed by its creators with no other help at the moment than that of their savings. The portal is available in five languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.

The cornerstones of May Feelings

  • Pray box, the place where we express our requests with a maximum length of 259 characters.
  • My five: a system that distributes each request to five members of the network in a random and unique way. Selection that changes every 24 hours.
  • Button pray. When pressed, a commitment is made to pray for a person’s specific request.
  • Now praying, is the equivalent of the concept ‘trendin topic’ of Twitter, and allows to know what requests people are praying for.
  • The 10 most prayed. A history of the 10 requests that have had the most impact on the social network.

When I started documenting this article, I couldn’t help but recall a situation that I experienced in the first person and I was quite impressed. It’s about the return of the Apollo XIII. When the lives of the three astronauts hung by a thread, tens of thousands of people around the world, with different creeds, raised their prayers for the crew members to return home safely. I don’t know if that helped, but they came back alive against all odds.

As the authors state and citing their own example, finding that 280 people are praying for us has a strong psychological impact. Saving the distances and with forgiveness for the analogy, it is similar to receiving 280 “likes”, but with a higher emotional charge.

Prayer, in the conventional sense of the word, is thus an escape. But true prayer, in my opinion, is an action with an intense and awakened interest in life. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

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