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Medium abandons the accounts in Spanish, but keeps the contents

23 mayo, 2021

The Medium team in Spanish it’s going to disappear very soon. As the blogging platform itself has announced in an official statement, they will soon stop “curating content in Spanish in the publication and in our accounts on Medium, Twitter and Facebook.” Apparently, the platform founded by Evan Williams and Biz Stone is going to refocus its strategy, which leads them to dispense with the Spanish team.

The statement states that, although the Medium accounts in Spanish on social networks and the team that manages them will no longer be active, You can continue writing in Spanish and you can continue to find content in our language on the web. For the rest, everything responds to the decision of Williams and Stone to recentralize the platform in Medium’s offices in San Francisco.

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This decision may have to do with the news we learned two months ago, when Medium was forced to lay off a third of its staff and it began to be suggested that authors charge for writing. At that time we already emphasized that Medium does not want to depend on traditional models (such as showing advertising to visitors), since it considers that they do not work.

For now, the offices that the blogging platform had in New York and Washington they already had to close, something that made everyone think that the future of the service was uncertain. The astronomical growth that the company experienced (of 300%) seems to have not been enough for everything to continue working as before.

Keep in mind that the service competitors have come outSuch as Facebook, which wanted to redesign its notes to compete with Medium, and Telegraph, a blogging platform powered by the creators of Telegram. However, it seems unlikely that any of them have caused the company to be in its current situation.

Before ending, we would like to emphasize again that although the Medium in Spanish team is going to stop being active, that does not mean that the content will disappear in our language, or that it cannot continue to be generated. Medium is a good idea, and it’s hard to have to see it like this.

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