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MiAffaire, the social network for extramarital affairs

26 mayo, 2021

Open minded people“,”with clear ideas“,”tired of the routine“,”who want to add a little salt to their life“… there are many euphemisms in the press release of the official launch of MiAffaire, but a glance at its official website makes its function clear: put in contact people who want extramarital affairs through secret dates.

The mechanism is not far from any other social network, but with the necessary privacy touches: you register, you offer your file to other people and they can propose meetings without the respective husbands and / or wives finding out, based on your location. At the moment there are already 15,000 registered users.

MiAffaire has thought of all kinds of extramarital encounters, even providing facilities for “swingers”

There are three types of encounters: simple encounters, exchange encounters (where one person offers an encounter in exchange for another’s skills such as massages or a good dinner), and one-person encounters. “hot zone” where users directly post erotic photographs. There are even facilities for “swingers”.

MiAffaire is completely free (In fact, no type of payment is allowed for appointments), it has been created by a team of developers from Barcelona and at the moment it can only be used from the desktop web. You know: if you have visited the web and you are married … better erase it from the history. And don’t look at me if they catch you, I’m just reporting!

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