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Micro-donations, allows financing of solidarity projects

26 mayo, 2021

The current complicated economic outlook is felt across the board. Also in the world of solidarity. That’s why I like an idea like micro-donations, which allow the financing of solidarity projects hand in hand with the Hazloposible foundation. It is about taking advantage of the idea of ​​financing projects through the Internet, which works so well for entrepreneurs and new projects in the world of NGOs.

The crowdfunding that in platforms such as has served to finance new business projects is now translated into the world of solidarity with Micro-donations. The idea is that the NGO’s present small concrete projects that are carried out with a limited amount of money and through donations from many users get the financing for them.

Funding must be secured in a limited time and if the micro-donations of each one are not obtained, they will not be carried out, since it is understood that if this minimum amount is not reached, the project is not viable. For this, donations are made through PayPal, which retains the payment of the donated amount until the end of the project term. You can donate the amount of money you want, there is no minimum or maximum.

All project promoters are NGO legally constituted in Spain and users of the services of the Hazloposible Foundation. From each project offers all the information that they deem appropriate about it and the activities that will be carried out with the donations. There is always the possibility of contacting the NGO to ask for more information before donating.

The truth is that the idea seems very good to me to support small projects, concrete actions that are ultimately the engines of change in the world. The Internet is a very powerful tool in this regard, along with the social networks to help disseminate projects they can help change or make our societies a little bit better.

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