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Microsoft 365 incorporates new tools to transcribe conversations and format dictation in Word

27 mayo, 2021

Microsoft announced a few hours ago two new Word features for subscribers of Microsoft 365, both aimed at allowing us use the human voice to facilitate writingAlthough for now it will only be available to US English users, but “we are working on supporting more languages,” they say from the company.

In the first case, we will have the possibility of using voice commands not only to dictate text, but also to format it, creating lists or putting a certain text in bold. This feature, in addition to the web, is already available in mobile apps and is expected to reach the desktop versions before the end of the year.

These new dictation features in Word they will allow us to give commands like “make the last sentence bold” or tell it to insert a “percent sign” or a “smiley face”, if we need to add those symbols to the text.

Transcrib for Word

The second tool is Transcrib for Word, which has a fairly self-explanatory name: it allows us to either record and transcribe a conversation in real time, or load a pre-recorded audio file to transcribe it (in .wav, .mp3, .mp4 or .m4a format).

Once the text is analyzed, users will be able to see a sidebar where the program will show the transcription differentiating the different speakers with each other, and they will be able to traverse the timeline to compare the recorded and the transcribed again. After that, they will be able to edit the text sections, and / or incorporate them into the main Word document.

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For now, this second tool is only available on the web, and from now until the end of the year it is only planned to incorporate it into mobile apps (A much more useful area if the plan is to transcribe conversations on the fly).

When it comes to recording, there are some limits: We can only upload 5 hours of audio per month, and individual files will be limited to 200 Mb, although Microsoft assures that it will expand that in the future. It also ensures, if you are concerned about your privacy after reading this, that files are deleted from your server once transcribed.

Via | TechCrunch