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Microsoft has taken another step in its eternal transition

26 mayo, 2021

We do not have to go back in time beyond the launch of Windows 8 to find him Control Panel Microsoft’s operating system. Despite the fact that with that version came a new settings center, Settings, the Control Panel has remained to this day also in Windows 10.

A situation that, for now, does not seem to be changing. Although those from Redmond are still working on bringing Control Panel functions to Settings because, by the way, the coexistence of both interfaces with a common goal would not seem to make much sense.

Microsoft continues to work on bringing Control Panel functions to Settings

Good proof of this is that Configuration is perfectly visible, by clicking on the Start menu button, represented by the icon of a nut, and the Control Panel has to be found typing his name in search.


Information from our system is moving to Settings

Windows 10 Settings

One of the most common uses of the Control Panel, both for expert users and not so much, was to check your system information. See the version of the operating system, the manufacturer of the equipment, the model, the processor, the installed RAM memory, the type of system …

Information that Microsoft is leading to Windows 10 Settings in the latest preview versions, the same ones that have partially introduced the new Start menu. TO Setting > System > About.

It's 2020 and Windows 10 still (and probably will) have two different settings panels

“We continue to work on bringing the capabilities of the control panel to the configuration”They say from Microsoft, making it clear that the transition of functions from the Control Panel to the Windows 10 Configuration continues with the clear intention of unifying the interfaces, although the process is taking forever and has met with numerous users in against.

The reason? The highly simplified of the current system configuration and the advanced possibilities offered by the tool that we have had with us for so many years. Nevertheless, in Redmond they seem to be aware of this when they say that there will be improvements in the future that will “bring the Settings even closer to the Control Panel”. We will see if this will be the case.