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Microsoft launches a new free Office app for Windows 10

22 mayo, 2021

Microsoft just announced the arrival of a new special Office application for Windows 10, one that focuses on the free version of the office suite, that is, Office online, that version that many do not remember exists.

This is a fairly important update for the My Office app, which from now on will be called simply “Office”, and that Any Windows 10 user can install and use for free No need for an Office 365 account or Office 2019 license.

Thanks to this designer you can use the new Office and Windows 10 icons right now

However, you can use this app with any version of Office to quickly access your documents through all applications, be it Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.


All versions and files of Office in one place, and with tutorials


In fact now you can install the Office desktop apps alongside the Office Online web apps and manage all your documents from this same app.

The new Office app also allows you to access the files you have stored on your device locally, in addition to those you have in OneDrive or SharePoint and use them to work without connection.

Another interesting addition is that in this application you will find a complete list of Office services and apps available along with tutorials and links to learn more about them and how to use them.

In the next few days this app will be updated automatically on those computers that already have the My Office app, (it comes pre-installed in Windows 10). Although you can also download it from the Microsoft Store in case you don’t have it. All you need to do is sign in with your Microsoft account.