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Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, removing malicious software from our system

27 mayo, 2021

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is a small application developed by Microsoft used to search for and eliminate malicious software, such as spies, worms, etc. from our computer. This app puts it Microsoft available to its users since January 2005 and releases an update every second Tuesday of the month.

The application shines for its simplicity, since once downloaded we simply execute it and choose the type of scan we want to do on our computer, to choose between fast, complete or personalized, in which we have to choose in which folder to search.


The truth is that it is not the most complete application in this regard on the market, but it can help us at any given moment if we suspect that we have any of the viruses or spies that it is capable of cleaning.

To achieve this we can download it directly from the website of Microsoft or through the Windows update and the download center of Microsoft. Microsoft Malicious Sfotware Removal Tool is a free tool, it works with Windows 2000, XP Y 2003 and it is in English.

Via | MSFN Download | Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool