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Microsoft redesigns its news portal exclusively for Windows 8 users

24 mayo, 2021

Microsoft today unveiled a new web design MSN, your own news portal. It adopts the Modern UI (also known as Metro) style that Windows Phone inaugurated, and is ready for mouse and touch interfaces and for any screen size and resolution. This is the first time we have heard news about MSN in a long time, modernizing the service to adapt to the push that Microsoft has made in recent years.

The new MSN is prepared, as you can see in the video above, to work with all the new features of the Windows 8 Modern UI. It reacts to touch gestures, and even redistributes the elements of the page to be placed as a sidebar in multitasking mode where we can work with that sidebar in view and an active application occupying a large part of the screen.

This new design of only works with Internet Explorer 10, so will be exclusive for Windows 8 users. In fact, it will arrive on the same day as the operating system update, setting it as the default home page: October 26.

Via | Engadget Windows
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