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Microsoft wants you to stop using Wunderlist and announces new To-Do design for Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android

26 mayo, 2021

Microsoft want users to stop using Wunderlist and that they go to Microsoft To Do. This is how you can see the new ad that they have uploaded to their YouTube channel, entitled ‘The journey from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do’, a statement of intent.

Throughout the video, Wunderlist users are invited to switch services, showing that To Do is the natural successor of the old app. So much so, that in the next To Do update will come interface changes reminiscent of Wunderlist, in an attempt to make the new application familiar after migration.

Microsoft To-Do, as a natural successor to Wunderlist


This morning we said that the creator of Wunderlist wants to buy back the application to prevent it from disappearing, after Microsoft’s abandonment of said app. This one doesn’t even work in the Microsoft Azure cloud, using the services of Amazon Web.

Microsoft To Do is gearing up for a major redesign, and Wunderlist is primarily responsible for how the new interface will be distributed

Microsoft’s focus is on To Do, an application that already has more than two years under its belt, and which awaits you a redesign that will bring it closer than ever to Wunderlist. In a video uploaded by Microsoft, the visual changes that will come to the service are announced, largely aimed at users of the old application.

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The video begins with the Wunderlist logo, to later show us its interface, comparing it with that of To Do, which is quite similar. The message that Microsoft wants to convey is that of “they have created something to make you feel at home”, with the main objective that Wunderlist users stay under Microsoft’s coat, and do not opt ​​for another homework app.

Specifically, a design will arrive in the form of cards, with backgrounds and lines clearly inspired by Wunderlist. Thus, it goes from the current gigantic headlines to more discreet ones, followed by the previously mentioned cards. With no date announced for the update, the video clarifies that the interface change will affect Windows 10, as well as macOS, Android and iOS.

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