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Minecraft will require a Microsoft account to play from 2021

26 mayo, 2021

If you are a player of the classic version of Minecraft for PCIn other words, the Java edition, you will have to move to a Microsoft account in early 2021 or you will not be able to continue playing. Monjang explained the reasons why this and all of his future games will also require an account in the same way.

Basically, they cite the additional beneficial features that the game gets if you connect directly with Microsoft. These include: two-step authentication, better parental controls, and blocking of chats and invitations.


Migrating from a Mojang account to a Microsoft account is mandatory

Minecraft Microsoft Account

Users who do not migrate will not be able to log in for a few months, and therefore will not be able to play. Mojang will be in charge of notifying all its users well in advance, starting with this announcement, and continuing with emails, videos on its YouTube channel and the official support page.

Mojang cites two-step verification as the main benefit of migrating to a Microsoft account, but they also explain that they will release additional security features for players over time.

Users who connect their Microsoft accounts will receive a special in-game cape as a reward

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Onedesktop Cape

There will be no additional changes for the classic edition of Minecraft other than account migration. All your Mojang account information will be transferred automatically, including your Minecraft Java player name.

If you have multiple Mojang accounts you will need to create separate Microsoft accounts for each one. Now, since Minecraft Java has a large number of users, Monjang is going to carry out the migration in batches, so you should wait to receive your email with the instructions to do so.

Microsoft bought Mojang in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion, a game that has long held the title of best-selling ever with around 200 million copies sold and a monthly active user base of more than 125 million. Microsoft has brought the game to countless platforms since then, but the classic PC foundation remains one of the most important.