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Mobdro, an application to watch live TV and streaming channels

25 mayo, 2021

A few days ago we were talking about applications to watch TV from your Android. A compilation that combined many official apps with some from third parties. Diving and looking for more options, we have come across one more alternative that we must take into account if what we want is to watch free channels from our mobile.

His name is Mobdro and not available on Google Play, although after testing and reviewing it, it seems that it is not an application that is going to cause us problems. With it we can watch different open channels, send content through Chromecast and also watch live broadcasts on Twitch or YouTube.

Mobdro has a simple but clean interface. On the main screen it will show us different themes so that we can start looking for programs and channels that are currently being broadcast live. If you see that you only see results in English, don’t worry because it is normal.

The app is configured by default to search for content in English, but from the settings menu we can select Spanish and from that moment on we will start watching channels in Spanish. The repertoire of languages ​​is wide enough for us to find videos and channels of all kinds.

In addition to offering free-to-air TV, It also allows us to watch live broadcasts on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. If you do not know what to see or do not want to delve into the covers of live videos of these two streaming services, it is a very good option.

When we connect via WiFi, if we have a Chromecast paired on the network we can send the content to TV very easily. After several tests we have verified that it works without problems: good image quality, without jumps or excessive loading times. Also we can record content (programming the time previously) and save it in video format in memory.

The app is free and includes several ads both at the bottom (as you can see in the screenshots) and also just before you start watching a channel. If you want to support developers, we can sign up for their premium plan although they only accept donations through Bitcoins.

More information and download | Mobdro

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