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Movistar Second Line Android application, manage your virtual number from your mobile

26 mayo, 2021

A few months ago we saw how Movistar presented a service that allowed us to associate a new line to our telephone known as Second Line for free. After a few months in the market in beta phase, Movistar has recently launched the Android application that allows us to use this Second line virtual on our android mobile in the most transparent way possible.

The main idea of ​​this service is to preserve our privacy, so from the application itself we can manage our availability to the phones that call us on this second line. You can customize the detours and greetings that will respond to our Movistar Second Line, both generically and defined by contact.

You can block calls and SMS unwanted, SPAM of hidden numbers, etc … all in a synchronized way between the application and the website that manages the service. Let us remember that, below, Second Line of Movistar is offered by FonYou, which has decided to offer the same service that it offered the operator for free, so those of you who already used FonYou will see many similarities while preserving the same philosophy.

The service is totally free and it can be requested from Movistar, in a few hours we will have it active. The reason that it is free, at least for the moment, is clearly the orientation that the operator does not lose traffic from this type of secondary calls in which sometimes we pull a second operator with another SIM prepaid. With this service we will have two Movistar numbers integrated into it SIM, one virtually.

I have been using the app for the past week. The truth is that it is quite transparent, if we want to call a number with our second line it is enough to do it from the application that will include the 22 in front, as well as the SMS that we send. It is also interesting that it filters in a section of the application itself the history of calls that we have received and take a separate agenda to the normal phonebook, although we can also access it from the application itself.

Second line Movistar

Second Movistar Line Version 1.2.0

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