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Multi-tabber, a good option to have virtual desktops in Windows 7

27 mayo, 2021

One of the things that Windows has been missing for years are the virtual desktops, work areas where we can group open applications that have to do with the same task. In this way, for example, we can have on one desktop the programs related to a research work, on another desktop the instant messaging clients, and on another the things that have to do with organization (calendar, task manager, etc.) .

While in many operating systems this function comes natively (for example, the multiple desktops of Gnome, or the Spaces of Mac OS X), in Windows we must resort to third-party tools to activate it. Multi-tabber It is one of the applications that helps us for that.


After testing it, I really liked Multi-tabber due to its simplicity. It just does what it has to do (separate applications on desktops and allow us to switch between them) without over-bothering. It allows us to use from 2 to 10 virtual desktops, and to switch between them it shows a series of red circles in one corner of the screen like the ones seen in the screenshot above. Clicking on one of them takes us to the corresponding desk (eg the third circle takes us to desk number 3).

In the options we can change the color of the circles, and also establish if we want some application show up on all desktops (For example, it would be convenient to show the media player in all of them, to have the playback controls at hand).

Of course, despite being a good tool in general, Multi-tabber has a couple of problems. First, does not allow to use keyboard shortcuts, it is not possible to switch from one desktop to another with a combination of keys. Also, if we set the red dots to be always on top Of the other applications, they can be a bit distracting, but if they are not always on top, they are hardly accessible when we want to change the desktop. All of this would be fixed if there was some keyboard shortcut to quickly display the desktop switching interface. Finally, we have that we are not allowed to move applications from one desktop to another.

But adding and subtracting, for those looking for something simple to organize their applications in workspaces, Multi-tabber is a good option. Even so, in Genbeta we have discussed other alternatives to have virtual desktops in Windows, such as Desktops, or Virtual Desktops.

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